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Emi Moriuchi is a marketing professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, Saunders College of Business, and author of Social Media Marketing: Strategies in Utilizing Consumer-Generated Content.  moriuchi-emi-bi5a9223-web-use

Dr. Moriuchi researches on consumer behavior in a cross-cultural context. Being a multi-cultural individual, Dr. Moriuchi has been interested in how culture plays a role in consumer behavior. She has published two book chapters in Japanese consumer behavior and her experience researching in Japan. Focusing her attention on digital marketing and social media marketing, Dr. Moriuchi has begun her quest for understanding consumer behavior in the digital environment and examining it from a cross-cultural perspective. She has taught consumer behavior, marketing research, e-marketing, social media marketing and several other marketing courses. She has published in academic journals and has been a guest speaker at several universities.

In her Social Media Marketing class, she gets her students involve with real clients. Starting with problem identification to a recommendation, students learn to apply the skills and knowledge they learned in class and those that are practiced in the marketing industry. In addition, she has students complete a Hootsuite platform certification which is widely recognized in the social media industry.


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