3 Important Attributes to Boost Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

Why we should be part of the LinkedIn Community

LinkedIn, known as the world’s leading professional network, has helped thousands of job seekers find their ideal job. LinkedIn is a great social networking site to have if you are trying to market yourself and try to stay professional in the field of your choice. LinkedIn has grown from just a social networking site to a site that provides information through blogs and career advancement opportunities through online courses.

In order to be effective on LinkedIn, you will need to complete at least these three things on your profile. Let’s call them profile attributes.

Attribute 1: Use your Real Name. 

Companies out there often are subscribed to a paid LinkedIn account. What that means is that they will be able to see your whole profile (unless you hide them from public view). Head hunting is a common activity in LinkedIn. A Forbes article noted that 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates. Thus, in order for others to know your skills and knowledge, you first need to tell them who you are first.

Attribute 2: Include a Professional Headshot

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. Professional means having a little more serious outlook of yourself. You don’t want to post photos of yourself being drunk, or photos showing the one side of your face, or even displaying an avatar! Invest in a little and get a professional headshot. That investment will benefit you in the long run. It was noted that you’re 11 times more like to have your profile looked at if you have a photo.

Attribute 3: Write an Impressive Headline

This is very important because it establishes trust among other professional individuals. The headline of your LinkedIn profile serves the same function as an advertisement. It is more than just your job title. For an effective headline, you should say what you do and try to entice people to read more about you. Remember, don’t just promote yourself, you should also mention what you can do for the community. Tell others what you can contribute. This headline can’t be too long, you need to keep it within 120 characters.

If you are using LinkedIn to promote your company, HubSpot has an article that outlines the things you need to do.

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