3 things you shouldn’t do when taking a 360-degree video

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What is 360-degree video?

360-degree videos are videos that allow you to take the whole surrounding. From top to bottom, left to right. There is an article shared by Social Media Examiner on 360 video for marketers.

With all the buzz around 360-degree videos and live streaming videos, companies are starting to take interest in enhancing their marketing effort by investing in 360 video cameras. There are several 360 cameras on the market and depending on your expectations and budget, there is probably one that will fit your requirements.

360 videos, based on expert reports, are highly effective in converting leads into actual customers. These types of videos have the ability to experience the service (not so much on products) without stepping out of their house. The interaction is minimal- and I meant is that when you are watching a 360 video on YouTube or Facebook, all you have to do is either drag your mouse (if on a computer) or move your device left and right (if on mobile phones or tablets) to see the whole environment of which the video was taken. I have to say the video gives you an experience or better yet, a pre-experience of what you can expect from the product or service you are considering. 360 video definitely works great for the tourism industry or any location based marketing promotions.

3 Things you shouldn’t do when taking a 360-degree video

Recently, I shot my very first 360-degree video. I walked around my campus while holding the camera in my hand. The camera I used was a LG 360 cam.  The camera is sleek and very compact. It is considered reasonably priced compared to the other well-known 360-degree cameras on the market. After viewing the video that I have taken, this is what I realized:

1. Don’t hold up the camera directly with your hands.

A good idea will be to use a tripod or monopod. I held up the camera up high knowing that it was a 360 camera (silly!). However, you also don’t want to hold it too low because you will end up shooting your nostrils! Having a tripod or monopod helps stabilize the footage since there is no stabilizer built into the camera. Of course, you can always do some video editing and include the stabilizer feature in your end product for your video production. If you don’t have any support for stabilization of the footage, a suggestion would be just to attach it to a bag pack or bag.

2. Avoid shooting when it is windy

From the video that I shot, you can tell that it is extremely windy and with the built-in mic, you can hear the wind blowing very loudly. I didn’t have any narration in this video but I can imagine that your voice would probably be overshadowed by the howling of the wind. If you have already shot the video and would like to add narration, you can always either a) add captions and/or b) do a voice-over recording of the video as you edit the video.

3. Don’t carry any heavy things in your free hand

In the same video, I was holding something in my left hand. Actually, I was slinging my bag on my left shoulder. That causes imbalance when I am holding the 360-degree camera with my right hand. Hence, the bouncing of my hands, destabilizing the video footage. Even though there is a feature in YouTube that stabilizes the shakiness of the video, that stabilizer will cause the removal of the 360-degree element of the video.

Let’s 360!

Here you have it! Some “learn from my mistakes” tips of what not to do when shooting a 360-degree video. Before you can shoot any 360-degree video, you will need to get yourself a 360-degree video cam. I would always read the reviews first before you decide on which camera to purchase. Regardless of the feature and price, you will need to see whether this investment will meet your marketing objectives.

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