4 Tips in Generating Ideas for your Blogs

Generating Ideas for your Blogs by following these 4 Tips

Coming up with blog topics can be tedious and time-consuming. Thus, we want to make sure that our effort pays! Based on the Pareto principle (80/20 rule), we need to balance the amount of time we spent creating content, and the amount of time we spend promoting the content. Rule of thumb is to spend 20% of our time creating content, and 80% of our time promoting it. So what should we do when we experience writer’s block or to prevent writer’s block?

The following are 4 tips that you may wish to adopt if you decide to start a blog or freelancing for a company:

Tip #1 Subscribe to Google Alerts

I love to keep myself up-to-date with the latest news on social media and digital marketing. This is to make sure that I share the latest information with my student and to make sure that I, myself, as a digital marketer, is versed with the latest trends and updates in the market.

How to subscribe to Google Alerts:

Step 1: Visit Google Alerts

Step 2: Create an alert for a topic that you are interested in.

Google Alert Screen Shot

Once you save your alert, you are done! You will then wait for articles to start populating your inbox with your saved alerts.

Tip #2 Subscribe to LinkedIn Community Groups

Some of the community groups within LinkedIn needs to be requested. Whereas some groups are open to accepting members. Once you are part of this LinkedIn group(s), you will start receiving posts, Q&A and other notification when something new gets added to the group chat in your email inbox. Below is a screenshot of how it shows up in my email inbox. You will just go ahead and log in to LinkedIn to either participate and contribute towards the discussion or post a question for others to answer.

Linkedin Groups

Tip #3 Sign up for Social Influencer Blogs

I have this third tip extremely helpful in keeping myself informed about what’s happening in the digital and social media marketing world. I used to blog for Examiner.com (until they close donw), a mainstream news feed site which features various topics contributed by individual bloggers. Every day or every week (depending on the social influencer’s posting frequency), you will receive a round-up of new content in social media. For me, I sign up for Social Media Examiner and Marketing Prof. I also subscribe to Moz, Jeff Bullas and Hubspot blogs. They are a great resource for me as well as for my students regarding social media marketing. Below is a screenshot of how it looks like when I open my email inbox:

Social Media Examiner Blog

Tip #4 Follow Active Twitters who are in your Field of Interest

Twitter, my favorite microblog! This social networking sites (SNS) allows a lot of engagement and reach. It is really important that you follow the “right” people. These people, often social influencers, will contribute content and participate in discussions on Twitter. You will be surprised the level of engagement people can get within a 140 character SNS! I used HubSpot marketing software and Crowdfire to find people who tweet the keywords that I used or topics that I am interested in.

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