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My Blogging Experience

How I became a blogger…

I started my blogging experience, as a professional blogger on since 2009. I was titled as the “Coffee Examiner”. I wrote about the different types of coffee I had tried, tasted and drank. From Keurig coffee to professional brewed coffee by a coffee connoisseur. From unusual coffee such as Indonesia’s “cat poop” coffee to instant 3-in-1 mixed coffee which is popular in Asian countries. It was fun sharing my opinion about coffee. I also blogged about using coffee as natural fertilizer to insect repellent. While I was enjoying blogging about coffee, blogging at least every two weeks, I soon ran out of topic to blog about.

Then, one day, I received an email from They announced that…they will be closing their business! With an abundance of blogging platforms and emergence of new social media tools, realized that they could not keep up with their competitors and thus decided to fold.

It was really sad. was a “hub” for several different topics generated by bloggers of all levels, from amateurs to professionals. Essentially, it was a like a news and education platform. Information were all consumer-generated. Bloggers were compensated based on the number of reads. Though it was nice to be compensated,  I did not rely on that compensation because I was doing it for leisure.

Being a great supporter for consumer-generated content (see my book), I decided to start blogging again…now on my own website! Hope all former bloggers don’t end their relationship with blogging because your contribution toward content generation is very much appreciated!

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