Emi Speaks to You

Emi Moriuchi is a Marketing Professor, speaker, author and faculty advisor for the National Millennial Community.

Coming from a cross-cultural background, Emi speaks about Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Cross-cultural Marketing issues.

Emi Moriuchi guest speaks at universities and at corporations both internationally and domestically. She brings a wealth of experience on her international experience and applies in marketing.

Here is why you want to hear what Emi has to say:

  • Emi has academic training in both communications and marketing. She is an enthusiastic and passionate marketing professor and researcher.
  • She has been engaging with her audiences and has been helping small businesses grow and succeed
  • First book. Social Media Marketing Strategies in Utilizing Consumer-Generated Content (CGC) is a book that helps marketing students, academics, and individuals who are interested in utilizing CGC to grow their business.
  • She’s very knowledgeable and fun! Your audience will be amused and won’t be bored! The best testimonial was from her student “I thought she is another professor but she is very entertaining. I’m excited to start my marketing activities!”  
  • AMA Rochester Chapter Panel Speaker on Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing: Consumer-Generated Content. A concise book that reveals the importance of consumer-generated content for your business.

Emi Moriuchi Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Consumer-Generated Content

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