What is Evergreen Content?

Over and over again, you will hear the word “evergreen” content. If you are focused on search engine optimization, you probably have been told that you need evergreen content. So, what is evergreen content?

Evergreen content


By definition, evergreen content is content that will stay fresh for readers for a long period of time. In other words, the content will be relevant to readers regardless of the time period. Just like trees, evergreen content is considered sustainable and long-lasting.

What type of content is not Evergreen?

Evergreen content has no expiration date and the value of the content will be retained for a long period of time. Content that is not evergreen includes news, social media statistics, trends (e.g. fashion), technology are no longer considered new, and many more. For example, if we were to be talking about the algorithm about Google, which changes all the time, the content that was posted on how Google ranks certain pages, probably would not be useful to readers because it has become obsolete.

Content Formats

Some of the most popular content writing formats include:

  • Lists (e.g. Top 5 facts)
  • Why posts
  • “How to” content (e.g. How to bake a cake)
  • Product reviews (maybe not if the product has a newer version)
  • What posts
  • Negative posts (e.g. “Never did you think that….”)

Examples of Evergreen Sites

There are many sites are posts evergreen content and these are normally collaborative sites such as Wikipedia. Other sites such as Social Media Examiner.com also post evergreen content on topics about the basic technique on social media strategy. However, as we all know, digital marketing and social media change all the time because they are adapting to consumers’ behavioral changes. Some content on Buzzfeed are also evergreen if those are on topics that are common knowledge.

Ideas for Evergreen Content

Write for layman readers. It is important that when we write any piece of content, we cannot assume that people know as much on the topic as we do. Bear in mind that majority of the readers are amateur on the topic at hand, and your job as a content writer is to generate interest and to educate these readers.

Avoid Jargons. Since most of the readers are beginners in the topic, it might be best to keep the wordings simple, and less technical.

Internal and External Linking. For any piece of content posted online, especially on a website, it is always good to have both internal and external links. Internal links refer to linking of pages within your own website. External link refers to having others linking to your website. This is between known as inbound links. Also, it is also advisable to link to content that has authority in the field.

Amplify your content on social media. Your website is always going to be your virtual home. Use your social media channels to amplify your thoughts. Distributing the content and repurposing the content into different formats will help in connecting with the appropriate target audience on different social media platforms.

That’s all! Have you come across an evergreen content that you think would last for a long period of time? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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